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Battery aluminum foil collector, supercapacitor collector, dry electrode, nano-graphite-coated aluminum foil collector, graphene aluminum foil collector, carbon coated aluminum foil collector, carbon coated copper foil collector, modified aluminum foil collector, porous aluminum foil collector, porous copper foil collector, graphene coated aluminum foil collector for supercapacitor power battery, etched aluminum foil collector for supercapacitor Polymer carbon-coated foil for solid state battery capacitor, cathode foil for aluminum electrolytic capacitor to collect fluid (cathode corrosion foil, low copper corrosion foil, high purity corrosion foil, high strength corrosion foil, cathodic polarization foil, low copper cathodic polarization foil), various electronic aluminum foils, high-voltage high-purity battery foils, 1235, 1145, 1060, 1070, 8011 ordinary battery foils, 1085, 1A99 high-end high-purity battery foils, etc.


Power lithium ion battery, energy storage lithium ion battery (lithium iron phosphate LFP, lithium manganese iron phosphate LMFP, lithium manganate LMO, lithium nickel cobalt manganate NCM, lithium nickel cobalt aluminate NCA, lithium titanate LTO)

3C lithium ion battery (lithium cobalt oxide LCO, lithium manganese oxide LMO)

Double-layer capacitor supercapacitor EDLC lithium-ion capacitor LIC

Negative current collector of silicon carbon battery

Water lithium ion battery LIB

Sodium ion battery

Alkaline battery

Solid state battery capacitance

Dry electrode

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor

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