2kg/roll 6um Battery Micropore Copper Foil

Porous aluminum foil current collector is based on the current commonly used ordinary current collector or coated carbon sets, on the base of current collector, to solve the current collector to reduce weight. improve the utilization rate of active material, improve the electrode conductive ability reduce the polarization, enhance battery power density and energy density is developed by a new set aperture is50~100 um current collector products.

Material Red Copper
Cu (Min) ≥99.8%
Alloy Or Not Non-Alloy
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Application Lithium ion battery
Width Customized
Grade copper
Model Number NS-BCF005
Brand Name NSfoil
Processing Service Cutting
Product Name copper foil
Thickness 6/9/12/14/16/20um
Area Ratio 85~200g/m2
strength of extension ≥294 N/mm2
ductility ≥3%
surface roughness ≤0.3μm
wettability ≥32 mN/m
Usage lithium battery current collector
Length Customize


◎ Reduces the weight of current collector.

◎ lmprove the active substance and the adhesion of current collector.

◎ Reduce interface resistance and reduce battery resistance.

◎ Reduce polarization, increase battery rate charging and discharging performance and active material gram capacity play.

◎ Reduce heat of battery, improve battery safety.

◎ Increase the migration rate of lithium ions.

◎ Improve battery energy density.


Product Features

1. Thickness: Copper foil’s ultrathin thickness of 6um makes it highly efficient in battery production while simultaneously improving weight and bulk reduction performance.

2. High Purity Copper Foil: Copper foil made with high purity copper is essential in producing batteries, since any impurities could negatively affect performance and compromise battery quality. Optimum performance requires using copper with high purity content so as to guarantee optimal levels of performance for battery production.

3. Outstanding Conductivity: Copper foil has proven itself an exceptional conductor of electricity, making it a key element of batteries with its superior conductivity levels contributing significantly to improving overall battery efficiency.

4. Micropore Structure: Copper foil’s microporous structure offers excellent adhesion for active materials (Li-ion batteries), increasing energy density while decreasing internal resistance.

5. Roll Size: With its 2kg roll size and bulk packaging design, this copper foil is well suited for high-volume battery production processes. Handling and storage become much simpler.

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