Graphene Conductive Slurry for Foil Coating

The product is designed as a special conductive coating for graphene-coated aluminum fail which is applicable for Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors. It is an aqueous slurry with good liquidity and low solid content. which can be uniformly coated on the surface of aluminum foil current collectors by using gravure coating technology.



Appearance : Dark gray slurry
Solid content/wt.% : 3
Viscosity/cps  : 100~200
Coating conductivity on PET/S cm. : 6~7
PH : 7~8


Application arranges:

Li-ion batteries   Supercapacitor


The Graphene conductive Slurry to coat foils is a specific material that can be utilized in a variety of areas that demand a thin and conductive coating on the substrate, like aluminum foils. Here are a few of its main characteristics:

Environment-friendly, low viscosity, good liquidity and good coating property. Forming ultra-thin (<1um) coating laver on the surface of aluminum foil current collector.

Reducing the interface resistance to improve rate capability and cycle life of Li-ion batteries and super-capacitors.

Improving the adhesion between active materials and current collector and reducing the corrosion of current collector.

Enhancing the safety of batteries by reducing polarization and alleviating the heating-up during charging

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