High Strength Corrosion Foil

High Strength Corrosion Foil is a specialized type of foil that is designed with features that make it resistant to corrosion and other types of environmental damage. Here are some of the main features of High Strength Corrosion Foil:

Product name Capacitance AL Purity Thickness
(uffcm2) % (um)
NSF-B205 40 ≥99,7 22±2
NSF-B210 80
NSF-B315 150 30 ±3
NSF-B320 180
NSF-K435 350 40 ±4
NSF-K440 380
NSF-K535 350 50±5
NSF-K540 400
NSF-K545 450
Tensile Strength Bending Strength Copper Chlorine
(kg/cm2) (Cycles) mg/m2 mg/m2
21.6 260 M1.0 m0.8
≥1.6 n70 M1.0
≥ 1.7 ≥80
≥1.8 *90
Standard Capacitance > -10%
Foil Hardness: HARD

Product Features

1. Corrosion Resistance: Our foil was specifically developed to withstand corrosion caused by environmental conditions, chemical exposure or high humidity levels; making it suitable for use in potentially corrosive environments.

2. High Strength Corrosion Foil has been designed with enhanced tensile strength and durability to withstand higher levels of stress without deforming or tearing under pressure.

3. Lightweight: While boasting sturdy properties, this foil is relatively light in weight – making it easier for users to handle, transport, and incorporate into various applications without creating extra burden.

4. Flexibility: High Strength Corrosion Foil has impressive flexibility despite its increased strength, making it easier than ever before to shape, bend and mold it to meet specific requirements or conform with different surfaces.

5. Heat Resistance: Foil exhibits outstanding thermal insulation properties, making it the ideal material for applications involving extreme temperatures or thermal cycling applications. Furthermore, its structural integrity remains undisturbed even under these challenging heat conditions.

6. Versatility: High Strength Corrosion Foil can serve multiple industries with its combination of strength and corrosion resistance, such as aerospace, automotive and electronics construction. Additionally it’s ideal for shielding applications as well as insulation gasketing packaging sealing applications to name just a few!

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