Micro Porous Copper Foil Collector

Micro porous copper foil collectors are designed for use in solar thermal applications, particularly in flat plate solar collectors. These collectors are made of a special type of copper foil that has been processed to create a micro-porous structure.


Micro Porous Copper Foil Collector is carbon coated copper foil. Surface modification of battery collector using functional coatings is a breakthrough technological innovation. The modified copper foil is a functional layer which is coated on the surface of copper foil with a variety of conductive materials or one of them,forming a fine two dimensional or multidimensional conductive network structure, and then collocating the conductive resin suitable for water system. Through the combination of theoretical simulation calculation and many experiments the optimal ratio structure and process strip are found out.Piece. The process can make the coating thickness thinner the coating resistance lower and the adhesion ability stronger in order to effectively improve the electrochemical performance and product stability of lithium battery especially for silicon carbon battery system.

Cu (Min) 99.9
Alloy Or Not Non-Alloy
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Application Lithium ion battery
Width Customized
Grade Copper
Model Number NS-CCF05
Brand Name NSfoil
Processing Service Cutting, Punching
Width Customized
Purity > 99.9%
Hole size 0.8-1.0 mm
Edge width Customized
Porosity 40-50 %
Density TH*8.9*0.5 g/m2
TH 0.012-0.1 mm
Tensile strength 156 Mpa



Lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage(Si/C).

Lithium-ion batteries for 3C productions (Si/C).

Lithium ion battery in water system.

Schematic illustration

Electrode active material.

Nano modified coating.

copper foil.

Test Data.

Sic Cell o.c Charpe Discheroe Crde


Note: that all data were measured using our devices under special conditions. If any questions,please contact with us!


Micro porous copper foil collector is an innovative material used in various energy storage and conversion devices. Here are the key characteristics of our Micro Porous Copper Foil Collector:

1. High Porosity: Micro porous copper foil collectors feature an extremely porous structure with numerous interconnected pores on its surface, which facilitates electrolyte penetration and diffusion for greater performance from this device.

2. Large Surface Area: The micro porous structure of copper foil offers an ample area for electrochemical reactions, creating higher electrochemically active sites and encouraging effective charge transfer across energy storage or conversion devices.

3. Excellent Electrical Conductivity: Copper’s exceptional electrical conductivity serves as the basis of micro porous foil collector, enabling rapid electron transfer with minimum energy losses within the device. This provides low resistance and ensures rapid electron transfer rates, thus minimizing energy losses within it.

4. Improved gas diffusion: The micro porous structure facilitates efficient diffusion of gases such as oxygen or hydrogen within devices such as fuel cells or electrolyzers where gas exchange is vital to efficient operation. This characteristic makes microporous structures ideal for improving diffusion rates within fuel cells or electrolyzers that rely heavily on gas exchange for efficient operation.

5. Mechanical Flexibility: Micro porous copper foil collectors exhibit mechanical flexibility that enables it to conform and adapt to the shape of devices or electrodes, facilitating integration into complex energy storage or conversion systems with ease.

6. Corrosion Resistance: Copper foil often undergoes surface treatments or coating processes to increase its corrosion resistance, increasing both its longevity and reliability in environments prone to corrosion. This extends its longevity even in extreme conditions where corrosion may exist.

7. Customizability: Micro porous copper foil can be customized to meet specific application needs by adjusting porosity, thickness and other parameters to meet these demands. This enables businesses to achieve optimal performance across various applications.

8. Scalability: Micro porous copper foil collectors can be produced at scale through flexible manufacturing processes, enabling cost-effective production and wide adoption in commercial energy storage and conversion devices.

9. Compatibility: Micro porous copper foil collector is designed to work seamlessly with various electrolyte systems used in energy storage or conversion devices. It exhibits good compatibility with both aqueous and non-aqueous electrolytes for reliable operation and stable operation.

10. Application Versatility: Micro porous copper foil collector has applications across a range of devices, such as lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells and electrolyzers. Its special properties enable increased performance, higher energy density and an extended lifespan in these applications.

Overall, our micro porous copper foil collector provides many advantages that enhance its utility for energy storage and conversion devices, including high porosity levels, large surface area coverage, excellent conductivity ratings and mechanical flexibility. All these attributes make our micro porous copper foil a valuable material.

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