Polymer Carbon Foil Solid-State Capacitors

Polymer carbon foil solid-state capacitors are a type of electronic component used in various applications, particularly for power electronics and energy storage systems. They are characterized by their high reliability, long lifespan, and low equivalent series resistance (ESR).

Product properties:

Color: black, gray

Base material: aluminum foil, copper foil

Base material thickness: 10-20 μm

Coating method: single coating, double coating

Effective coating width: customized

Material width: customized

Inner diameter of pipe core:76mm

Packing: wooden case



Our Polymer Carbon Foil Solid-State Capacitors (PCAFs) offer several notable characteristics that make them advantageous in many electronic applications. Here are a few key features of PCAFs:

1. High Capacitance: PCAFs have an extremely high capacitance value, enabling them to store and release large amounts of electrical energy – this makes them ideal for applications requiring higher capacitance levels.

2. Low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR): PCAFs boast low ESR values, meaning that their resistance to the flow of alternating current is minimal, which ultimately leads to reduced energy losses and improved capacitor efficiency.

3. Low Equivalent Series Inductance (ESL): PCAFs exhibit low equivalent series inductance, or ESL, which measures inductive behavior from their capacitor. A low ESL helps achieve improved performance at higher frequencies and ensure stable operation in fast switching circuits.

4. High Frequency Performance: Due to their low ESR and ESL values, PCAFs excel in high frequency applications like rapid switching or power supply filtering at higher frequencies.

5. Miniaturization: PCAFs lend themselves well to miniaturization thanks to their compact size and flexible nature, enabling them to fit easily in applications with limited space requirements, such as portable electronics or integrated circuit designs.

6. High Temperature Operation: PCAFs are built to withstand elevated temperatures, making them reliable in environments with high levels of heat.



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